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2015. augusztus 18., kedd

It all started for me with hearing Lovecraft’s Death - Interview with KingOvRats a.k.a. Michael

Written by: Valentin Fejes

Browsing on the net one may stumble upon numerous social portals, which can bring together people with similar interests from around the world. One of these portals is DeviantArt, where both amateurs and known artists can share their newest work with the public. Related to our topic, came to my mind the talented Polish friend, who uploaded his work under the name „KingOvRats” for years. Give him a warm welcome!

- Dear Michael, please introduce yourself in a few words for our readers! 
- I am just an individual with a taste for morbid things which I translate to the art that I do. 

- How did you get to know the Lovecraftian world? What was the most gripping in your opinion? 
- It all started for me with hearing Lovecraft’s Death, a song written and performed by Septicflesh. I think that most gripping aspect of these books is the unique atmosphere. 

- When did you decide to draw the horrible creatures of this universe? 
- Very soon after I started reading, it took me some time to come up with a satisfying piece though. The first one successfully finished was my Shantak Bird, a work that in spite of a couple of years passing since, I still find very good. 

Shantak Bird

- Would you mind telling us how your works get done? Have you got any ideas about these beings? 

- Sometimes I get an idea as soon as I read, sometimes I need to give it more thought afterwards. Finally there are some cases where my vision of the creature changed as I re-read the story. 

- I’m certain that you have a personal favorite among your creations, and some which you think „I could have done that better!” 
- The latter case is much more frequent, sadly. I have quite perfectionist attitude to my works. Process of improvement can be seen as I remake older drawings. There are some, however, that I am very much satisfied from the beginning and never felt the need to rework them again, good example being my Dunwich Creature.
The Dunwich Creature

- The way I saw it, you get inspiration form lots of sources. Only to mention a few: PC-games, like the Diablo-saga or Hellgate: London, or the antique hellenic mythology or the mythic figures of the ancient Mesopotamia. Aside the few mentioned you have your own, unique creations. How did Lovecraft affect them and the making of them? 
- Yes, that’s true. I look for inspiration wherever I can, games, books, movies, myths etc. both scientific and legendary/mystical sources are valuable for my art. Then it all gets mixed and influences each other. Therefore even my fan art are often interpretations of certain characters rather than attempts to copy something done before. I can compare my imagination to a witch’s cauldron where many ingredients are added and mixed together in order for some new monstrosity to emerge from it. And Lovecraft certainly plays a role there. 


- If somebody knows our writer to an extent, knows that Howard „transports” his readers to places known as Dreamlands. I found it interesting that you as well depict the bizarre creatures seen in your dreams. Is there a connection between the two worlds in your opinion? 
- That’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath so much. I saw it as parallel to my own dreamworld. My subconsciousness often takes me to strange lands where even stranger beings can be encountered. I think it’s a great gift to be able to dream like that.

King of Demons/Dream Djinn
- In October 2004, Nox Arcana’s album, Necronomicon got published. It has quite the ambience, as it matches our topic. Have you met with this album? If so, what do you think about it?
- I haven’t heard this album. I’ve met with quite a few bands that use lovecraftian themes in their music. One I could recommend is my recent find, The Great Old Ones, a French post-black metal band whose lyrics are dedicated exclusively to Lovecraft’s work.
Great Cthulhu

- Maybe you’ve heard about Sandy Petersen’s relatively new game, Cthulhu Wars. Its fantastic illustrations were made by Richard Luong. Have you got any acquaintances who draw the beings of the lovecraftian universe as well?
- I have seen some of those illustrations, and yes, thanks to DeviantArt I have found some skilled and creative people who portray similar themes in their work.

- In your opinion, will there be another great horror-writer like Howard Phillips Lovecraft?
- I don’t really think so. There have been a lot of writers contributing to the Cthulhu Mythos universe but I’ve never met with any that would be able to copy the atmosphere of original stories. Robert E. Howard and adventures of his character Conan are another example of this.

Elder Thing
Dear Michael, thank you for your time and dignifying us with your introduction! I hope for the best and wish you good luck in your future!

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